About BrowtiqueMKE

BrowtiqueMKE is a Microblading Boutique ran by Natassha  in Milwaukee that will help you define your brows to your perfection.  
 We foster an open and transparent relationship with each of our clients; facilitating our one-on-one approach. We listen to our clients and will achieve the look they desire most. 


What We Do


We specialize in Eyebrow Microblading also commonly called Eyebrow Embroidery, and Eyebrow Micro- pigmentation.   
 Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique that uses a specialized hand tool with microneedles to deposit colored pigment into the epidermis (the outermost layer of skin).
Unlike permanent  makeup tattoos Microblading has a few advantages, all related to the pigment being shallowly deposited. By far the most important advantage is the technician can create realistic hair-like strokes. Also, even though you have heard the phrase “pain is beauty”  it is a relatively low pain procedure, and finally it allows for the style to be updated in the future.

Who’s It For?

Almost anybody is a great candidate!

  • Those wishing for a lower-maintenance routine yet still achieving a beautiful filled look.
  • Those suffering from medical conditions/treatments such as alopecia, or chemotherapy *discounted
  • Those who have poor quality brows ranging from missing tails, bald spots, damaged follicles from over plucking, or even those who don’t have brows.
  • Those who already have Tattooed brows

Unfortunately there are a few exceptions: Pigment Allergy, History of Keloid Scarring, and Minors. 

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BrowtiqueMKE LLC
5422a W. Vliet Street,
Milwaukee, WI 53208 
Side Door Entrance on West Side of Building 
Hours : By Appointment Only 
Email: appointments@browtiquemke.com 
Phone: (414) 909-BROW (2769)
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